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            High Head Slurry Pump

            • Perfect wear-resistance and corrosion resistance; high head in one step;an idealized feeding pump for filter press
            • 2-stage design with a high water head of 70m
            • With wear-resistant lining, service life can be prolonged for 2-4 times and maintenance cost can be lowered by 60%.
            • Rubber impeller, low specific gravity, power-saving can be about 30%
            • Shaft seal, 100% no leakage
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            Wear – resistant Slurry Pump

            Product features

            Perfect wear-resistance and corrosion resistance; high head in one step; an idealized feeding pump for filter press

            XPA(2) has broken the limit that the head of rubber pump can not be over 60m. And with the wear and corrosion resistant performance of XH35 rubber, this slurry pump has become the only model that perfectly makes wear-resistance, corrosion resistance and high head in one step, and becomes the top choice for filter press feeding.

            2-stage pump
            2-stage in series with a high water head of 70m
            XPA(2) rubber slurry pump adopts 2-stage impellers design
            No need to increase the diameter of impeller, which reduces the pump weight
            The energy is saved to some extent, but the head is greatly improved.
            With a high water head of 70m.
            Super wear-resistance, less maintennance

            Impeller and lining are lined with Xinhai wear-resistant rubber.

            Wear-resistant index over 128%

            The service life of wet parts is 2-5 times of metal impeller and linings.

            Low breakdown rate because of the perfect sealing performance.

            Easy maintenance.Only rubber wet-parts need to be changed.

            Patent certificate of rubber slurry pump
            High-efficiency, low power consumption, energy saved by 30%

            Wear-resistant rubber impeller and lining, low specific gravity, light weight

            Specific gravity of rubber pump is 0.97, compared with the metal pump(7.85), Xinhai wear resistant rubber

            pump has such characteristics: low power, remarkable energy saving by 30%.

            Good sealing, 100% no leakage

            Xinhai XPA(2) rubber slurry pump has reliable sealing material and stucture and adopts packing seal with almost no leakage. Besides, it has simple structure and can be easy to manage.

            It applied for a patent for utility models in Oct.2010 and the patent was granted in May,2011,Patent No.:ZL 2010 2 0575068.X

            XPA(2) rubber slurry pump Ordinary slurry pump
            With notable energy saving effect of 30% Large energy consumption
            Noise reduction of 60%, efficiency improved of 20% Loud noise, general efficiency
            Lined with wear-resistant rubber prolongs its service life for 2-5 times. Short service life
            Lining protection, convenient maintenance, less downtimes for humans Laborious and time-consuming of maintenance
            Overall cost-effective >170% Higher composite cost

            Warm tips:

            Application of XPA(2) slurry pump -> Flow rate:60~120h/m2, slury density:<60%, temperature range:-40℃~70℃

            Product parameters

            Please let technical personnel to assist in the selection of suitable for your productstechnical consultation

            Model Rotationg speed(r/min) Flow rate(m3/h) Head(m) Max shaft power(KW) Reference motor(KW)
            Model Power
            XPA(2)-50 1480 27.5 76.0 22.3 Y225S-4 37
            41.4 72.2
            55.2 66.1
            69.0 56.0
            80.0 43.5
            XPA(2)-65 1480 40.0 76.0 32 Y225M-4 45
            60.0 72.2
            80.0 66.1
            100.0 56.0
            115.0 43.5
            XPA(2)-75 1480 56.0 73.3 49 Y250M-4 55
            85.0 69.0
            113 62.5
            150 51.2
            169 44.0
            XPA(2)-100 1480 70.0 73.5 62.5 Y280S-4 75
            105 71.6
            140 68.6
            186 61.9
            245 48.5
            XPA(2)-100-Ⅰ 1480 79.7 80.0 78.2 Y280M-4 90
            119 78.0
            159 74.8
            211 67.5
            279 52.9
            XPA(2)-100-Ⅱ 1480 58.0 91.8 64.7 Y280M-4 90
            87.0 89.1
            116 85.7
            154 77.3
            203 60.6

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