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            Wear – resistant Slurry Pump

            • Lined with red rubber; patented product;with international top quality
            • Wear-resistant index >128%, service life is 3-6 times of the ordinary pumps
            • Light impeller, energy saved by 40%
            • High flow rate, high head, efficiency improved by 30%
            • Less abrasion, easy maintenance, noise reduced by 60%, low running cost
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            Wear – resistant Slurry Pump

            Product performance

            With high wear-resistant index of 128%, a real durable product.

            Impeller and lining are lined with Xinhai wear-resistant rubber.Wear-resistant index is over 128%.

            The service life of Xinhai XPA slurry pump is 3-6 times of nickel chrome pump under the same working conditions,and it has reached the national top quality. Moreover, it reduces the noise by 60% compared with the metal material.

            National level of green energy consumption, energy saved by 40%
            Unique wear-resistant rubber wet-parts
            Corrosion and wear resistance
            Lower specific gravity than metal
            Energy consumption saved by 45% under the same flow rate and heas requirements
            Notable power saving
            Impeller and lining
            High flow rate, overall efficiency improved by 30%
            Low specific graviry of lined rubber
            Good quality and light weight of impeller and lining
            High speed of impeller
            The max flow rate and head is 10-20% higher than ordinary slurry pump.
            Efficiency improved by 30%
            Installation of slurry pump
            Low noise, easy maintenance, the running cost can be greatly reduced

            Wear – resistant Slurry Pump is composed of three parts: impeller, motor and front lining and back lining
            Auxiliary of suspenders can simply remove the pump shell, so it is convenient for maintenance.

            Moreover, the impeller is relatively small, and noise can be effectively reduced by 60% with wear-resistant rubber.

            Low failure rate greatly reduces the personnel cost and running cost and also ensures the fluent operation.

            Applicaiton of XPA slurry pump
            Applicaiton of XPA slurry pump

            Xinhai Wear – resistant Slurry Pump is suitable for conveying abrasion slurry or corrosive liquid with silid.

            Metal smelting plant: conveying slurry.
            Sand plant: tranportating and conveying sand and gravel, feeding sand and water to all type of classification and dewatering plants.
            Coal preparation plant: classifying, screening and conveying heavy madium, conveying coal pulp.
            Irrigation systems and dredging: silt removal in dams and river bed, sand classifying.
            Steel works: conveying slurry, rust and corrosive liquid etc.

            Please specify if applied to which oil and chemicals are contained.

            Wear – resistant Slurry Pump Ordinary pump
            Overall lined with red rubber, 1 set insteads 3 sets. Short service life
            Notable energy saving, energy saved by 30% High power consumption
            Every performance improved by 40% or more Ordinary effection
            Noise reduced by 60% Big noise
            The lined wear-resistant rubber is easy for maintenance Laborious and time-consuming of maintenance , which affects the whole production line
            Greatly reduce the comprehensive running cost High comprehensive running cost

            Technical parameters

            The working conditions have great effect on the model selection, please let our technicians help you to make the best choice. technical consultation

            Specs Flow(m3/h) Max head(m) Rotation speed(rpm) Max. rated power(KW) Max effecy(%) Impeller Dia(mm) Weight(kg) External dimension(mm)
            50/50 20-60 38 800-2400 22 51 200 156 725×482×491
            80/80 30-100 45 600-2100 45 53 256 326 915×590×595
            100/100 60-160 50 600-1600 75 57.5 340 440 999×648×660
            150/125 100-260 47 400-1400 110 63 372 608 1280×736×758
            200/150 160-450 47 450-1200 132 69 433 736 1313×788×822
            250/200 300-900 46 400-1200 250 78 454 1250 1600×812×956
            300/250 400-1500 45 300-900 600 73 610 1956 1698×966×1083

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