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            News Summary

            Nowadays, Xinhai Abrasive Rubber Company cooperated with a mineral processing plant of Yunnan, China. Xinhai providing 3000 Sqm wear-resistant rubber sheet and Pasting for the mining machines such as ball mills, flotation cells and agitation tanks, etc. on the scene. The project finished by the end of May, 2016, will bring practical benefits for the plant in the future.

            Equipment Wrapped with Xinhai Abrasive Rubber

            Flotation Cell Wrapped With Xinhai Abrasive Rubber

            Xinhai wear-resistant rubber liner can perfectly prolong the service life and avoid leakage of flotation cells and agitation tanks, which must be preservative treatment due to the large amount of acid and alkaline flotation reagent.

            • Interior of flotation cell wrapped with Xinhai abrasive rubber

            • Exterior of flotation cell wrapped with Xinhai abrasive rubber

            • Interior of flotation cell wrapped with Xinhai abrasive rubber

            Ball Mill Wrapped with Xinhai Abrasive Rubber

            Lined between cylinder and lining plate, Xinhai abrasive rubber can largely saving energy and lower the noises, protect cylinder from being damaged by dropping and impacting of the steel ball when the ball mill is working. Meanwhile, the method not only avoid cylinder deformation but also improve the working condition of the construction workers.

            • Pasting for the ball mill cylinder of the plant

            • Pasting for the rubber tube of the plant

            • Pasting for the ball mill cylinder of the plant

            Live "Watch"

            • Live polishing rubber sheet

            • the largest vulcanizing machine of China

            • Finished wear-resistant rubber sheet

            • 3000m2 rubber sheet and Xinhai special binder arrived at the scene

            • Preparing for pasting, bevel cutting

            • Pasting flotation cells

            Xinhai Wear-resistant Rubber

            Breaking Monopoly,Good Performance, Widely Used

            Fraction wear is an important issue when relating to lower the processing cost. Lined with a layer of wet wear rubber can perfectly solve the problem. While the wet wear rubber special for mineral processing plant is monopolized by foreign companies with higher price, many plant can not afford it.

            This situation has changed since Xinhai wet wear-resistant rubber Was produced. After 6 years exploration and efforts, Xinhai Abrasive Rubber Company has found rubber chemicals which can be fully-mixed with natural latex and applied advanced nanometer reinforcing technology to liquid phase process. With reasonable price and high performance, Xinhai wear resistant rubber breaking the monopoly and wining the market quickly

            Meanwhile, Xinhai also developing a series of wear-resistant equipment based on the basic parts- wear resistant rubber, including Xinhai wear-resistant slurry pump, wear-resistant valves, hydrocyclones, high frequency dewatering screen, Rubber lined pipe, etc., which largely prolonged the service life of the equipment and wined highly compliment from Xinhai customers.

            (Xinhai wear-resistant rubber:http://www.njjzlslyx.com/rubber.html

            • Wear-resistant slurry pump
              Lined with Xinhai wear-resistant rubber

            • Y-Ball Valve

            • Hydrocyclone lined with
              Xinhai wear-resistant rubber

            • High frequency screen
              with Xinhai wear-resistant screen mesh

            • Rubber tube lined with
              Xinhai wear-resistant rubber

            • Xinhai wet wear-resistant rubber

            Home Hydrocyclone Rubber SheetTailings dry stacking system Wear-resistant slurry pump

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