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            Submerged slurry pump

            • Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long service life
            • Creative design of impeller, solid particle whose size is as half big as pump diameter can successfully pass through the pump
            • Vertical structure, Maximum submerged depth 10m
            • Double suction, Maximum flow rate 900m3/h
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            Submerged slurry pump

            Advantages of products

            Rubber liner wet parts, wear resistance index 128%

            Wet parts are made of the wear-resistant rubber with excellent corrosion and wear resistance. The service life is prolonged over 2 times.

            Rubber liners relying on mould pressing modeling use effectively the resilience of rubber to control slurry, reduce the friction and noise about 45%.

            Design of single and double vane, high flow rate

            Distinctive single vane and double vane impeller greatly improves the through capacity of sewage, which can handle fibre material 4 times of pump diameter and solid particles 50% of pump diameter

            Xinhai submerged slurry pump, an efficient and energy saving slurry pump, the champion of the submerged pump

            Advanced vertical structure, precision pump shaft, efficient and stable operation

            Connection of slurry pump and motor by shaft coupling, maximum submerged depth 10m

            Double suction, uniform and continuous flow

            Rotation parts with low inertia obtain high rotation rate to improve the ability of suction.

            The pump itself has a self-priming ability; the combination of the two parts' ability makes the flow rate reach 900m3/h.

            Application range of submerged slurry pump

            Xinhai submerged slurry pump with the whole body protection of rubber liners widens the range of application. Using: mining, environmental protection, paper industry, refineries, thermal power plant, cement plant, gas coking plant, steel plant, printing and dyeing, sucking strong liquor, thickened oil, foul liquid, slurry, mortar, szyrt, and floating sludge from city drainage ditch. The pump is also used in the condition of fluid mud and corrosion mining liquid.

            Frequent asked question (FAQ)

            What are the reasons that cause blocking the impeller of the submerged slurry pump?
            Reasons: Medium blocks the impeller hole because the pump parking time is too long. Impeller rotation cannot produce enough centrifugal force because large granules block the impeller hole. Solution: dismantling the feeding pipe and front protection plate of the pump, then cleaning the impeller hole.
            How to solve the motor fault of submerged slurry pump  
            Use hand jigger to start motor, or replace the motor.

            Product parameters

            Please let technical personnel to assist in the selection of suitable for your productstechnical consultation


            Flow rate (m3/h)

            Head (m)

            Revolving speed (r.p.m)

            Motor power (kw)

            Medium concentration (%)

            Maximum Efficiency (%)









            Wet parts are made of Xinhai rubber

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