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            Wear-resistant rubber screen deck

            • High elastic rubber screen, screening efficiency improved by 20%
            • Wear-resistance over 128%, service life is 10-20 times of wire cloth
            • Unique screen sieve design, 100% no block
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            Wear-resistant rubber screen deck

            Product performance

            High resilience, work efficiency is increased by 20%

            The main material of rubber screen is Xinhai wear-resistant rubber. The elasticity can reach 76%(GB/T1681-1991 standard).

            Materials rebound to provide efficient stratification and separation without plugging and blinding. The second time of high-friquency vibrating reduces the viscosity of the materials on the screen and improves the screening efficiency by 30%.

            Super wear-resistance, long service life
            Rubber screen is mainly made by wear-resistant rubber
            Nature rubber content is about 97%
            High wear-resistant performance
            Service life is 6 times of wire cloth
            Rubber screen sieve chart
            Rubber screen deck is not easy to be blocked

            The specification opening in the Xinhai that has been selected for sizing the materials is slightly smaller than the opening in the supporting metal plate underneath.
            The flexing properties of Xinhai screen and the specially controlled perforating technique virtually eliminate plugging and blinding.

            Xinhai screen deck pannels are divided according to the combination mode with metal frame or size of rubber screen deck. Choose the suitable rubber types according to the screening materials, vulcanisation or sticky to the steel plate or adding wire frame in the rubber.
            XH-I screen deck Heavy load screen deck, high screening efficiency, durability, low maintainance cost and time saving.
            XH-Ⅱscreen deck It is a strong wear-resistant rubber screen deck and fine material can easily pass; the screen deck is made by special low-retractility impregnating fabric with rubber. So it has characteristics of light weight, flexibility, convenient package, transportation and installation.
            For such screen decks with width ≥1.2m , the intermediate plate is equipped with hook head bolt and matching cap shield.
            XH-Ⅲ and XH-Ⅳ screen deck XH-Ⅲ XH-Ⅲ and XH-Ⅳ screen deck can be made into a small exchange square and fixed through a bolt.
            Note: The service life of the above screen is 10-20 times of wire screen. We have prepared various combinations of mould for different requirments of screen sieve.

            Product parameters

            Application environment has great effect on the rubber seclon, please let our technicans assist you to make the selection. Technical consultation

            Rubber types 35 40 50 60 HD62 HD70 HDS BB N55 OZ FG
            Color Red Red Red
            Black Black


            Black Orange Black


            Polymer type Nature Nature Nature Nature Nature
            Halogenating neoprene NBR(Synthetic rubber) Pure nature rubber Nature
            Item Standard  
            Hardness GB/T6031-1998 35 39 50 60 62 70 70 55 55 38 38
            Tensile strength(MPa) GB/T528-1998 23.5 25 29 28 22 23 22.8 10.0 19 26.7 25.9
            Elongation at break % GB/T528-1998 866 750 750 750 700 600 580 580 740 760 810
            Tension set % GB/T528-1998 4 6 20 40 12 14 25 15 12 10 7
            Tear strength(N/mm) GB/T529-1998 81.34 80 140 168 136 142 100 40 71 40 52
            Resilience% GB/T1681-1991 76 74 68 56 50 44 57   34 83 82
            Specific gravity GB/T533-1991 0.95 0.95 1.06 1.1 1.12 1.14 1.14 1.42 1.14 0.98 1.01
            Temperature range   -40 – 70oC -40 – 70oC -40 – 70oC -40 – 75oC -40 – 75oC -40 – 75oC -40 – 75oC -40 – 120oC -40 – 110oC -40 – 75oC -40 – 70oC
            Wear-resistant index GB/T9867-1988
            >=128% >=90% >=40% >=20% >=40% >=40% >=38%   >=16%    
            Features   Wet wear resistantce, high resilience, resistance to cut and tear, good pliability, easy processing, low noise Anti-sticking, excellent sealing, used for where rubber needs to be flexible but not easily deformed Superior severe abrasion and impact resistance, high hardness, tear and cut resistance, under heavy load situation.HD70 and HDS for dry situation Good resistance to scid-alkali, higher temperature and abrasion, low gas permeability, excellent electrical resistivity Excellent resistance to oil, abrasion, heat and ageing Ozone, aging, high temperature, wear and tear resistance Food safe, no door, no pollution, abrasion and cut resistance, very good flexibility
            Application   Pump, valve, cyclone, chute and tube lining, wet screen deck, abroad wet and wear situation Wet screen deck, sealing washer, roller cover, belt cleaner, bal mill cylinder lining Heavy screen deck, cushion plate of funnel, lift rod Severe abrasion or corrosion Used in oil field and grain-oil processing plant etc for oil and wear resistance Where ozone, strong sunlight or UV light are present Particularly suited for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries

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