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            Ruber lined steel tube

            • lined with Xinhai wear-resistant rubber, its service life is ten times longer than bare steel
            • Unique techonology of cold bonding, rubber and steel tightly bonded without gap.
            • Wear-resistant index over 128, corrosion resistance
            • Flexible dummy club, flange connection 100% seal
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            Y-ball valve

            Product features

            Unique ball valve design, Valve plug is almost zero

            Unique ball valve design, flowing pulp drives the ball from one side to the other side and close it. When one side is opened, no slurry passes through the other side with no blockage problems.

            With wear-resistant rubber valve lining, the valve life can be 2-4 times longer

            The upper body and lower body of three-way auromatic change valve all lined with wear-resistant rubber, wear-resisitant index ≥128%,service lige is 2-4 times longer than traditional valve.

            Greatly reduced the maintenance cost of the Y-ball valve.

            Rubber ball valve, good seal, no leakage

            The rubber ball has skeleton inside and vulcanizing outside with a layer of rubber

            Moreover, wear-resistant rubber has good elasticity with resilience ≥76% and barely leakage in the real application

            Comparison chart of Y-ball valve and traditional valve
            Convenient automation control, more flexible in using
            A valve design, get rid of the disadvantages of slurry configuration that one for production, one for backup
            No need to manually operate the valve
            Complete the valve changing by the slurry pressure
            Automatic control makes it more convinient and simple
            Y-ball valve has low investment cost, and it saves the cost for one more pipe line

            The pump configuration that one for use one for spare has serious block problems at the tee joint and tied up the production

            For this reason, many mining companies adopt two pumps and two pipes, but the pipe cost is too high.

            However, a Y-ball valve can be adequate to the work perfectly, you just need one valve cost and cut down one pipe investment.

            Xinhai Y-ball valve achieved the utility model patent certificate in 2010.

            Patent No.:ZL 2010 2 0575061.8


            Why is there an inner leakage phenomenon in the valve?
            Unsuitable length of valve rod makes the upper(or lower) distance not enough, and results in gap between valve core and valve seat. so it can not be fully engaged, which leads lax closing and leakage.
            How to solve this packing leakage problem?
            In order to make the feeding more convenient, we'd better feed at the top of the stuffing box, place a small metal protecting ring at the bottom of the stuffing box to prevent the medium erosion.
            The surface of stuffing box should be smooth, in order to reduce packing abrasion.
            Warm tips:
            Working pressure of Xinhai Y-ball valve:<=0.7Mpa

            Product parameters

            The conditions have great effect on the the revising valve selection, our technicians assit you to make the model selection Technical consultation

            Specs(DN) A B C Flange dimension
            Center distance of bolt holes Flange outer diameter n-Φd
            65 247 227 197 145 185 4-Φ18
            80 267 250.5 217 160 200 8-Φ18
            100 308.5 296 256.5 180 220 8-Φ18
            125 352 346 300 210 250 8-Φ18
            150 410 400 346.5 240 285 8-Φ22
            200 477 476.5 413 295 340 8-Φ22
            250 569 569 493 350 395 12-Φ22
            300 656 669.5 580 400 445 12-Φ22
            350 735 761 659 460 505 16-Φ22
            400 833.5 863 747.5 515 565 12-Φ26
            450 922.5 952 824.5 565 615 20-Φ26
            500 1011 1054 913 620 670 20-Φ26

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